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 got booted out of my website builder today! par for the course! now using  was called to comlicated to re direct just to make it simple we will go with a po box or a dedicated bank acount for method of payment that way all you need is text at your website!  i guess im asking for donations willing to take calls and help where i can  every one at par except me plan on having a friend send the deal out to his thousand friends on face book so expect kick backs you can do the same if you know a player  in this  game your alowed to tip your seller!   spell check not working with this website builder  the reason i got kicked out was suposid pyrmid scheme! lets call it a phillips scheme  its all legal! all the internet money makers are some kinda shceme! for builder they have 24 7 teck suport if you stumble around ou Should be able to get a website buildt all need is diection to and a method payment  get a free .com name  my idea every one will be ect cash123 ect or use your own custom website name! if you can see all you need is direction to this website and a method of payment "every one throws in $10 every one wins goal a one page 8 half by 11 deal for the homeless!~  the greatest charity in the world! every one is too broke to give any change to the homeless there only one pay check a way! greedy men don't get rich is the name of the game!    will skip to the chase runs on the honor system! buying the right to sell { like winng lottery ticket no copyright }  its $10 for  a one time life time membership to the club! and then a $10 dollar a week dues! { pay your self first! important to pay the initial life time membership but the one rule is that you don't have to pay your dues unless you can afford it" pay your self first! " that said if every one pays there dues in good faith will make 520 a year off every sale! make thousands a day! if you look at it over the long term!  willing to take calls for the world on this idea for tip$  to  its geared for the poor bastards! every one can afford $10 even if they have to pan handle  the deal to make it!   the difference between the average Joe and the man on the skids! is that a homeless man you say hay they stop immediately and willing to listen to any opportunity if your homeless and get this in a document form! your ahead for once!" who's better off the guy who owes 30 grand of the man at 0~! this deal is my life insurance for my kids! a deal in there breast pocket so if they ever hit the skids will have a way out if we all band together we can make it happen  goal! a one page deal for the homeless! this deal! built for the street! only 10$ to get in on the action its a game!!!! the greatest internet! business game yet" utilize all the old school business tack-ticks  turn a small idea into big business!" designed  so every one can afford  a real money monopoly! "if you make good money part time make it all the time!" its a game! so its entertainment! its fun you can build your  own site only takes a few minutes to build a site easier running word perfect  this is all i do can keep you bizzy 12 hours a day! a great learning tool! ideal for kids! you can retire on this idea! make 52 thousand a year indefinitely  with only 100 sales  the biggest part the game is you can build your own custom named website and the main strategy is to buy key words at bing there is a $100 dollar free coupon to get the ball rolling" {you might have to call bing to get the coupon } its super fun just like all the great games will keep you occupy for hours on end there is a tool that you can Target any url! website address and the bing key words will automatically pick out key words and phrases or my idea use a dictionary to find words!  you only have to pay for key words when the customer clicks on your site! you have to bid on each word I'm thinking its like monopoly always thought you have to buy your way to the top!" buy the top add! every sale is worth 520 a year as its! $10 a week dues! kinda runs like alcoholics anonymous! " fully self supporting threw our own contributions!" there is one rule! your allowed to go bankrupt in this game its important that you pay your initial $10 one time life time membership buying  the right to sell memberships!  to the club! runs on the honor system like every big thing taxes churches charity! one of my best ideas is a dedicated bank account! just like you opened up 300 retail  outlets! " just keep empty" its what charity's do to raise money!  also you can have a pay pal button on your website or a pobox for cash in the mail or cash in hand! if  end up with no seller! is your dealer  that,s because the man on the street might not even have a phone let alone a bank account  and might be pan handling this idea that said anther thing about the homeless there willing to work together and when it snows there first in line for a job!" team up and get a rent a po box   its a great idea! you can also buy pay per click face book you  can utilize social media your ahead me  as don't even know how tweeter works face book all your friends u only need one sale to break even! that said will cost you around 16 bucks a month for you website hosting "cheap rent on the internet!" have been trying to build a money maker ever cents first turned it on!" with the poor economy all my business are failing. this deal is all if got! if u can see that every one throws in only 10 bucks a week every one is at par my only advantage is i have no one to pay my 10 bucks to have { will only make money on my own sales and a 1% tip to facilitate!  spent thousands and hundreds of hours on this idea! all came together when found bing! key words turns it into a real fun game the first day got 1 hit the second 5 the third 55 ya only get have to pay per click you dont have to pay to be listed top add unless they click you bid on each word that's what makes it a game!  this deal appeals to every one so the more words the better  your traffic  there is a tool you can target any website and the computer  will pick key words and phrase then you have to bid on each word you can be top ad or mainline or second page im thinking like monopoly you should buy top add as long as its like a buck most are like 30 cents !  remember each deal you make is worth  520 a year! our deal is rich!  no one would ever pay you  520 to get in on a deal!~ but at only $10 a week its possible when you get a head you can pay your dues ahead as the 10$ a week designed for the poor bastard! have about 7 videos that i will down load at a later date that will help to explain the idea!  am asking for only a tip on every dollar to as have expensive needs  and for only small contrabution  am willing to take all calls on this idea! in the future might hire an answering service with vol-enters to answer phone 24 7 that said u can all me 24 7 sleap in every day so noon ta midnight the best time to cal i use yola to build my websites its easy just register with an email then pick template then drag text widget with  courser drop on page type in go to  internet business game and you method of payment  you can build a pay pal button if you have a basic idea of what this deal is you can watch the videao and should all come together! stop here for a one page special install method payment at top and your in!!!!!!! further info at videos pending this deal is ready with just the text cant afford a tool to upload videos today go to serach google for bing ads to get your $100 coupon! they have great customer service its kinda technical so you will probably have to call 

 is the greatest charity in the world buying the ability to help runs on honor system like every thing big churches taxes  WILLING TO TAKE CALLS FOR THE WORLD ON THIS IDEA 403 895 8733 Dave Phillips call any time 24 7!                                this deal is dynamite don't wont blow it up with to much text have room for a couple quick story's jumped off a freight train one time had the little book on small business all my notes  i hit the rhubarb my papers went every where was picking up didn't wont loose one piece was picking up! and it hit me  NO COPY WRITE! was looking at the tall buildings down town Calgary like life insurance a bunch bull shit copy write! 

 WRITE! OUT! A THE! CANADIAN! BOOK! OF! LAW$! 110% legit! “a plan for marketing or regulating any natural product! " that is a plan design formula or program of action. Devised in order to attain. Some end! Scheme! ~~ The book of laws!Multi-level marketing. I don’t like that term! A participant in a plan. Gives consideration! For the right to receive!Compensation by reason of recruitment! In to the plan of another participant! In the plan that gives consideration for the same right!!!! Describes deal to a t!   

 buy the deal from the player if no dealer  inventor  info Dave Phillips box 1491 Sundre  Alberta canda t0m1x0  phone 403 895 8733  bank montreal brand 05129001  acount number 3987063  shoot me a text let me know im in the game put mine in the bank you only have to go out way every once while to pay your dues!  video should be up tomorow